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Cheap Sake: Why saving money could cost you more in long run

One of the more common phrases you’ll hear as it relates to money and being overly cheap resonates quite loudly when you end up spending more than you had planned.

“You’ll pay for it in the long run.”

This phrase simply means that saving money for the sake of skimping on products isn’t always the best medicine for a prosperous financial future. In some instances, paying less for something ends up being a short sighted decision predicated on saving money that actually backfires quite badly.

Consider something as simple as cheap socks. Let’s say you spend roughly $20 on sock but you have to do so 10 times per year because they can’t handle a wash load or two. Those $30 socks might last all year and then some, so you’ve essentially spent $200 on what was originally perceived at the point of sale as a better deal, rather than $30 for the entire year.

From your feet to flying around in your car, what about the car maintenance that everyone deals with almost on seemingly a regular basis?

We’re not suggesting that you need to spend hundreds of dollars on an oil change, but steering clear of the ones done at quickie places or shops that don’t really do much in the way of car repair (think Wal-Mart oil and tires) is a prudent decision. Plenty of smart shoppers think they’re saving money with cheaper service and tires, when in actuality and in some cases the work is done poorly or not at all. Tires especially are a product that consumers steer clear of as far as spending a ton of money, but those cheap, 20,000 mile tires won’t get you very far in the grand scheme of your travels, when in actuality the more expensive tires may seem like a lot of bells and whistles at first but actually end up being the smarter choice.

Your car is second as far as expenses in comparison to your home and skimping on your house as far as repair goes isn’t a wise move, either. Cheap paint or products may be more like a band aid over a bullet wound as the paint begins to chip and peel. The same goes for less expensive flooring that might not stand up to water or other issues and could lead to spending sprees of epic proportions.

Saving money is something everyone strives to do, and there’s certainly nothing wrong with that. The flip side to saving money, however, is doing justice to what you need and not falling short of buying the best and the more expensive given that you’ll spend money to make money in the process.

Habit Forming: Some money habits need to go immediately

Plenty of people aren’t exactly where they want to be when it comes to money.
They’ll point to many factors as to why they can’t save or what their issue might be directly, something that may be keeping them from having the kind of financial outlook they’ve always wanted.

For instance, maybe they don’t have the budget they’ve always wanted or needed to survive or stay afloat. Sure, they might keep track of the high-end items, but that would hardly be considered budgeting to the highest (or at least higher) level.

Others have a tendency to not cut expenses when their income doesn’t meet certain requirements. Instead, they’ll pay on bills late, refuse to get rid of disposable income items like cell phone plans or cable, and just go from one month to another in the negative when they compare what they make versus what is being paid out.

But in those aforementioned big picture items are money habits that are just plain dumb and irresponsible as it relates to your financial future. Some of you can get away with not having a budget or spending a little more than you make, but other practices are eye popping, full blown ways to get yourself into serious saving money and financial trouble.

Using credit cards constantly is one way that those struggling to save money and prosper financially simply can’t ahead. And we’re not talking about using credit cards for the major purchases that you can’t afford or emergency items you don’t have the cash on hand to pay for at the moment. We’re talking about credit cards for the daily items such as grocery store trips, vacations, gas and even worse coffee, cigarettes and eating out at restaurants.

That isn’t to suggest credit card perks don’t play into buying any of those aforementioned items, but if you’re not paying it off on that next bill, then don’t bother using those plastic little cards.

Shopping is one habit that most will write off as being business as usual but can derail your options as far as saving money or having the financial future you need. Compulsive shopping will kill your savings account quickly and leave you searching for money at the tail end of one pay period to another.

What really defines shopping at his worst is that belief that you need something just because it is the newest version of itself. Yes, the iPhone 6s is on the horizon, but you just bought the 6; why do you need to spend another $500 when the first $500 was perfectly fine after just one year?

Habits can be good as it pertains to money, but that’s if you’re putting 10 percent of your paycheck in a savings account or canceling subscriptions or fees of any kind that you’re not using. Otherwise, your money doesn’t matter, and you’ll continue to lose the money battle.

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