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Debt Connection: Want to get out of debt? Then get serious

Talking about debt is one thing. We all do it. And most of the time, we're anywhere from angry to hostile when we sit down and take a look at just how much of it we have.

But talk, as they say, is cheap. Actions speak much louder than any words as it relates to debt and getting yourself from mired in it to out and feeling good about your financial freedom.

The issue most run into is that they realize they're spending more money then they're bringing in but don't really do a whole lot about it, even though consciously they realize a change is in order.

Truthfully, banishing your spending habits or at least reeling them in to something respectable is about 75% of the battle as it relates to minimizing debt. The simple logic is just not buying what you know you can't afford. In other words, if you're not ready to pay cash or use a debit card that takes the money straight from your bank account, then you simply need to walk away from the purchase.

Credit cards should be for emergencies only, and that doesn't include a $100 sweater or even shopping for a gift for someone, whether it is the holiday season or just a random birthday or graduation.

Beyond just your spending, you have to really understand exactly where your budget is and whether or not it needs adjusted. That also includes being intelligent as it relates to debt you currently have. Some wrestle with their own inner voice that tells them if a bill is due on January 14, they can wait until January 20 pay day to make that payment. That thinking, even if a grace period is involved, still is going to warrant a late fee as well as a ding against your credit score, particularly if it happens with some regularity.
When it comes to credit and debt, there is no free pass really.

The only thing you can honestly do with debt is face it head on, attempt to adjust how you're doing things and, most importantly, not over think the process. If you have a spending issue, spend less. If you have no budget, make one. Those who aren't exactly sure what is going on should seek help from an outside source, such as a financial planner or other expert in the field.

The simpler you make the process, the easier the transition will be from debt and living from paycheck to paycheck to not worrying as much about money.

Saving Big During the 2014 Holidays by Using Online Promo Codes

Online promotional codes offer an excellent opportunity to save money on last minute Christmas gifts.

One can find promotional codes using a variety of methods. One method is to type “holiday 2014 promotional codes” or something similar, into a search engine. Alternatively, you can visit the web sites of top online retailers, identify the good or service you wish to buy and then run a search along the lines of “store name + promotion code”. Almost every store offers promotion codes, sales or other special offers during the holiday season.

How to Use Promotional Codes

Promotional codes are extremely easy to use. When visiting site like, simply copy the code and past it into the code box on the store’s checkout page. Typically, the website’s system will automatically deduct the discount amount and display the new pricing immediately. Many online sites are offering free shipping promo codes or expedited shipping codes for the holiday season. A thrifty Christmas shopper can also sometimes purchase last minute gifts and have them delivered to a nearby store before the holiday comes.

Find Codes by Perusing Promotional Code Websites

Aside from, other great coupon sites include, RetailMeNot and Each of these sites are also good for directing consumers to establishments that are having huge holiday sales. Walmart, for example, has many last minute sales that already have the savings applied to them.

Offers this Holiday Season Directly from Merchants

Anyone who has family members or friends in need shoes can get some amazing deals from Payless. is offering Buy 1, Get 1 for 50% off for Payless ShoeSource. Additionally, the customer can receive up to 40 percent off on certain shoe types and free shipping on orders that are more than $50.

Old Navy also offers a bevy of promo codes during the holiday season. Shoppers who are interested in purchasing clothing for their loved ones can stop by to grab promos for up to 25 percent off the entire store. Old Navy has the most diverse line of clothing for people of all ages but the codes are generally only good for a day or two at a time.

Promotional codes can save the holiday shopper quite a bit of money during the most crucial time of the year. Shoppers are encouraged to seek promotional codes along with other money-saving opportunities such as clearance sections, shipping discounts and more.

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