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Entertaining Young Kids on a Budget

Anyone with young children knows that life is a lot more peaceful when kids are exercised and entertained so that their energies are directed at something other than each other. To sum it up, parents need to find continuous sources of entertainment and challenges to enhance the healthy evolution of their child’s brains and encourage their growth.

However, the cost of such entertainment can seem dreadful with manufacturers creating new gaming systems and expensive laptops every other month. The following are few ideas on how parents can entertain their children without breaking their wallets or their savings accounts:

Drawing Challenges

Creating artwork is a great alternative to electronic entertainment, and can open up a child’s imagination. Children of all ages can participate in drawing challenges. The cost of a poster board or drawing papers is no more than a few dollars. Crayons, markers and pencils are widely available at the local dollar store. Parents can encourage their children to draw a picture of their favorite super heroes or video game characters. Alternatively, they can coax their children to create a vision board that contains everything that they want out of life.

Family Smoothie Night

Smoothies are tasty, healthy and creative. Parents can have a special night during which they invite their children to help them make a wide assortment of colorful and delicious smoothies. They can find all the ingredients for smoothies at the grocery store for under $20. Making smoothies with the kids gives parents and children time to bond with each other and eat yummy treats at the same time.

Short Play Scripts

A parent with a computer can find free short play scripts at various sites online. He or she could then print the scripts and hand them to the children and the other members of the household. Acting out the characters in a play can provide the family members with loads of laughs and the opportunity to practice their acting skills. Additionally, the children will learn the moral of the plays in which they participate.

Play-Doh Battles

A box of Play-Doh goes a long way, and it is quite inexpensive. Children can use different colors of Play-Doh to create their fantasy castles, dream cars, cool characters, or even imitation foods. No boundaries or limits exist on what children can do with Play-Doh. Therefore, parents can use it to help mold their future sculptors.

Today’s parents do not have to purchase expensive electronics for their children's entertainment. They do not have to fall victim to mass marketing strategies. They can still enchant their children with the simpler things in life.

Students: Furnishing a New Home or Apartment on a Budget

Moving into a new home or apartment can be a stressful experience, especially for a first-time resident. A person who does not move into a furnished place will have to buy everything from tables to window shades. The idea of having to purchase all those items can be a bit intimidating. Fortunately, some frugal options are available for budget-challenged individuals:

Thrift for All

Thrift shops are the king of saving money when it comes to furnishing a home. Thrift shops are consumer-friendly establishments that offer donated items for extremely low prices. A frugal resident can find items such as microwaves, televisions, radios, couches, beds, linens, dishes, silverware, chairs and more. A person could furnish the entire home by hunting in various thrift shops over the course of a few weeks.

Furniture Rental Companies

Some companies rent furniture to people on a weekly or monthly basis. Examples of such companies are Rent-A-Center and Aaron’s. Furniture rental companies can furnish entire rooms or entire households. A person with poor credit can obtain an approval just by showing proof of employment. The trick with furniture rental companies is to pay off the furniture during the same-as-cash period. Waiting until after the same-as-cash period will result in inflated expenses that add up to two or three times the retail price.

Craigslist “Free” Section

Craigslist is an online classified ad site. People in the neighborhood list the goods they want to sell. Sometimes residents give their household furniture away for free because they have to move quickly. Therefore, checking the “free” section on Craigslist is a wise idea.

Visit Wally World

A person who is looking for inexpensive new items can visit Walmart to review an array of home d├ęcor and furnishings. Walmart has some amazing prices for items such as computer desks, platform beds, beanbag chairs and the like. They always have cheap prices on towels and washcloths, as well.

Dollar Stores

Dollar stores can help with the small and simple items like toothbrushes, toilet bowl cleaners, mops, brooms, linens, shower curtains, shades and more. Some dollar stores sell computer desks and space-saving shelves, but they may not be of the best quality.

If all else fails, a struggling new homeowner or apartment dweller can visit a local church or Red Cross branch and ask for help. Asking for help with furnishings can never harm a person. The organization just might say yes.

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