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Simple Plan: How to make saving money easier than you'd imagine

Over complicating the procedure or just the mere idea of saving money is commonplace.

That isn't to suggest that saving money is necessarily easy, but it certainly doesn't have to be rocket science, either.

You'll, of course, want to know your limitation, and that starts with a budget.
From that budget, you'll be able to realize just what you can spend or, conversely, what you can't. And over time, you'll develop a lifestyle that is conducive to how much you make and thus learn to live within those numbers.

From budget to the living part is where most tend to get tripped up; they end up spending money where they don't have it or fail to save money with any serious consistency. Most of what ails the general population centers on a propensity and penchant for not putting their money where the mouth is. Case in point, have you ever purchased something you don't need but do so anyway because you convince yourself you deserve it?

Naturally, you can make the argument that you work hard and can spend a little money here and there, but that wouldn't include buying a new car when your current vehicle is more than sufficient. Think of what life was like when you were in high school or college and how you handled money when you actually got your hands on it.

Chances are you saved it because you didn't know when your next $50 or $100 would show up.

In addition to the new car versus old car example, what about that TV or latest smart phone or gadget? Again, you might be watching your favorite shows and movies on an antiquated flat screen TV or worse yet a tube one. And if you're still toting around a flip phone, you're probably ashamed to even send a text, since it might take you 20 minutes per each line sent.

In terms of money saving, however, who really cares? Using older devices only serves to pad your pocket while the rest of your friends are making payments on a Best Buy credit card just to have a TV they barely watch. Furthermore, you can also piece together a smarter cable plan by investing in Netflix or other streaming sites, versus the high cost of cable.

Just making a few tweaks here and there to your budget and how you spend can transform saving from something you can't fully understand to being as well versed as just about any financial expert.

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