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Saving on Clothing for Kids Involved in After-School Sports

Parents of school-aged children often have additional expenses when their children are involved in after-school sports. They have to purchase uniforms for their children as well as items such as shin guards, jock straps, gloves, sticks, shoulder pads and the like. Sporting expenses can become overwhelming for a parent who is unaware of frugal shopping tactics. The following contains information on how a parent can save on sporting items for his or her athletic child:

Thrift Shops

Unbelievably, thrift shops often contain several of the items that young sports players need. A shopper can usually find an assortment used cleats that are still in excellent condition. A thrift shop may carry other sports clothing and accessories, as well. The parental shopper can spend a day visiting all the thrift shops in the local area and looking for hidden treasures.

Promotional Codes and Coupons

Another way a parent can save money on sports items for his or her child is by printing coupons or shopping online. Large sporting goods retailers such as Dick’s Sporting Goods offer coupons and promotional codes with discounts of up to 75 percent. The online versions of such shopping establishments also offer additional discounts such as free shipping. A customer can print a coupon online and take it into a physical location, as well.

Online Classified Sites and Auction Sites

Sites such as eBay, Craigslist and are amazing locations to find highly discounted sports clothing and accessories. To find something on, the consumer can type a search term into the search box. Amazon will return a list of relevant items with competitive prices. The consumer can choose between new and used items, and the person will have a choice between several sellers of such items. The eBay site is an online auction site, but many sellers offer their materials for “buy it now” prices that consumers can obtain immediately.

The Craigslist site is a free classified website that people in the neighborhood use to list items that they want to sell in person for cash. Any of those sites would be sufficient for a parent who is searching for discount sports clothes.

Finally, a parent can visit a bulk-shopping site to acquire his or her children’s sports necessities for the entire season. Bulk shopping sites or wholesale shopping sites usually offer amazing discounts and free shipping. A good parent has numerous options for saving money on sportswear.

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