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Smart Cents: Saving money is easy, but why do we still ignore sound advice?

Saving money is easy, right? Just about anyone can understand that saving money is simply budgeting what you make and not spending more than that bottom line number.

But as easy as that sounds, the majority of people are in financial trouble, if not out and out peril, and struggle mightily with something we've all deemed to be relatively rudimentary.

So where is the gap, and how do we close it as it pertains to saving money or living financially smarter?

While there isn't one answer that jumps out more so than another, you must truly look at saving money through the eyes of a child or as someone who knows little to nothing about financial planning or would be considered an expert in the field.

Saving money, in essence, has two forms that the process takes: you either don't make enough to cover your expenses and can't cut anything else from your budget or you simply overspend and refuse to adjust your money habits for the better.

Ironically, it almost seems as though we don't treat our money like our own, and instead spend it as if we weren't working hard to earn every last penny. Some would argue that they don't really look at their money as a means to pay bills or even enjoy themselves but rather spend and save as though they're running a business, exercising patience and a kind of practicality that very few consumers and the masses alike can display.

Saving money really boils down to a lifestyle change in both aforementioned instances. Much like someone tells themselves that they want to lose weight, then proceeds to go on the proverbial crash diet, they fail to realize that the long term is much more pertinent for success. You don't just start eating grilled chicken and vegetables all day, every day after you've been used to burgers and fries.

The same goes for saving money. If you're accustomed to spending hundreds per month on eating out a restaurants, buying clothes whenever you feel like it and are feeling the money pinch, you can't go cold turkey per say but rather should start weening yourself off your current habits and into a more realistic approach to spending.

The first and foremost goal is identifying and admitting there's a money saving issue. Once that happens, the path you take should be your own but not one that is overly complicated.

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